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Based on the data from the roadside sensors, it is possible to ascertain information about the existing pavement profile. The system may be able to estimate the depth of existing damage, and whether further damage may be caused by vehicle impact. The depth of a roadway crack is only half the problem. One of the largest contributors to cracked pavements is freeze-thaw cycling. Frost and high moisture create a surface that is prone to cracking, and roadways that experience freeze-thaw cycling are often in much worse condition than those that don't. The long-term effects of freeze-thaw cycling create fissures throughout pavement that may need to be filled. Such pavement may not perform at acceptable levels.

I had similar problems earlier this year with a Windows XP machine. When the XP system was upgraded to Windows 7. The error disappeared. I have not tried to install the Windows 7 of ACRYLIC software to your Windows XP machine.

All appears to be OK in the logs. But when AV is running i get a small yellow triangle/arrow'loading' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and a black box appears where the AV program should be. I have tried restarting the windows and rebooting the computer but the AV still runs. All i want to do is turn the AV off. Any suggestions

In 2016, the University of Sydneys New South Wales Centre for Road Research (NSW CARR) launched a three-year research project, titled Road Pavements in the Digital Age, investigating the state of Australian road pavements. In this project, the organisation is using historic fleet data to develop a more accurate and complete understanding of road conditions, road preservation, and road rehabilitation. To capture this data, NSW CARR developed a new protocol, which combines the best existing data capture techniques into a single protocol: the New South Wales Photographic Asset Management System (NSW PMASS). This protocol will capture the state of the roads, including the location and depth of any cracks, as well as the length and the aggregate damage of these cracks. 3d9ccd7d82


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