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Moonlit Winter

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Yoon Hee lives with her teenage daughter Sae Bom. On a winter day, Yoon Hee receives a letter from Otaru, Japan. Sae Bom accidentally reads the letter and learns about her mother's first love, which she never spoke about before. Hiding the fact that she knows about Yoon Hee's first love, Sae Bom proposes that they travel to Otaru, Japan together. There, the mother and daughter enjoy their time together. Yoon Hee, believing that she might meet her first love again, feels her heart fluttering.(Source: AsianWiki) Edit Translation

400 winters. Supportive daughter. The unsent letters. Loved. Longing. Fulfilling storytelling. Perfectly restrained. Words sometimes don't speak nor confess here. The engrossing deliberate formalism gives this comforting weight, making it instantly rewatchable. The postscript that brings this all together. I don't know if my words can do this film justice, but hopefully I did my best. Someone out there dreams of you too.

First review but I have to sing its praises. If you love dark, broody scents, run, don't walk to this!!!! It almost reminds me a bit of Voluptuous Wantonness (one of my all time favorites) in feel/atmosphere but mistier and broodier and way more iris rather than having the same sweet fruits (this lacks any kind of sweet fruit!). As if Voluptuous Wantonness was less plum, and more floral. They just both have a similar purple, dark feel to me. This definitely is heavy on the iris, the benzoin, the moonlit atmosphere.... It's a dark, deep purple floral and broody atmospheric!! It's amazing and captures its theme so fantastically and please lovers of iris you have to try this!It's a sad, broody, stormy, moonlit perfume that smells way better than ever I expected. Run don't walk if you like these notes!!!! I love it and I rarely do backups because although I'm new to BPAL I have a large fragrance collection in general.... but I'd consider it for this.

Thia is so enchanting! the first strong note for me is earthy, and then all these lovely flower smells which I wouldn't expect in a winter scent, Deep vines and flowers that are just on the edge of candy , but the dirt really keeps it grounded (sorry) and an undercurrent of wet undercuts the sugaryness if that's a word.... it is pretty expansive. I bought it because I love dirt, and it keeps swirling around it! thank you to the decant circle that helped me try this!

Oh, Christine!! This is gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous! And, yes, it looks like a cold winter's night with the beautiful full moon gleaming down on the snow, trees, and this wonderful church!! You are amazing, and thank you so much for showing us step by step how to achieve this effect! I totally love this image and can't wait for the November release!! Woohoo! Hugs, sweet friend, and thank you, Marcella, for your beautiful artwork!

The cold weather moved in at the end of January and with it came crystal blue skies by day and some of the most beautiful nights of this winter. On a few windless days, the chickadees sang their two-note spring song into the bright crystalline air. For that moment, the tiny birds were the loudest thing in my neighborhood.

On the night of the race, with deep snow blanketing the earth, and the moon shining in the big dark dome of the sky above us, it was one of those quintessentially bright winter nights. I still recall the first winter night I saw the moon cast shadows on the snowy ground. I was young. I was entranced. Flashlights are not necessary on those nights.

On these brilliant winter days, the moon is a quiet presence as it silently crosses the cloudless blue sky. The blue of the sky reflected in the craters of the moon make it appear translucent, like it is made out of tissue paper. The moon has many faces and in this beautiful boreal forest, we have the great good fortune to see them, thanks to our dark sky and clean air.

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