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When it comes to golf simulators that cater to recreational golfers, most people are evaluating the difference between SkyTrak and OptiShot 2. These are two of the most popular products on our site for good reason - they are excellent systems that allow golfers to enjoy playing simulated courses in the comfort of their own homes.

The OptiShot 2 box also includes a swing pad, foam golf balls, gripper tee, practice tee, and the product key. Register using the product key that can be found on the bottom of the swing pad to get updates and platinum course purchases.

The Galaxy comes with the multi-camera unit, mounting plate, Ethernet cable, ethernet camera connection and Galaxy power cable. All product offerings are available on the website at

Learn more about the full OptiShot Golf simulator lineup by visiting Follow OptiShot Golf on Instagram (@OptiShotGolf), Twitter (@OptiShotGolf), and Facebook (/OptiShotGolf) to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings.

I currently have an optishot system, and I am wanting a setup that gives data and shot tracking that actually gives me accurate info. I am down to mevo and sky track. I will be an indoor setup only. I want to use my existing Parts minus the launch monitor. Cost is also a factor. Any ideas

With so many golf simulators and golf sim products on the market which is the best to go for Well it all depends on requirements, space and budget. There is no real right answer as each simulator seems to have something that the next hasn't got or cant do.

I own a company called Golf Tech Systems and sell the Optishot and Trugolf Simulators. Although I believe these are great systems I'm not biased to these products and believe there are also other systems that offer great feedback and accuracy. I'm a big fan of flightscope for out on the practice ground!

A system for only 299 so is it really that good I get asked many questions on the accuracy of the optishot simulator and whether its a proper sim or just a Nintendo Wii on steroids! Well I'm glad to report its far superior to a Nintendo Wii however obviously at 299 there are drawbacks. Firstly and the most important is Strike. The sensorpad works purely on what the club is doing through the impact area. Infrared sensors detect the club face and register club head speed, face angle, swing path and tempo. As its only registering this it cant detect how high your club is away from the sensors. IE: if you thinned a shot it would still think you struck the ball perfectly. This is its fundamental problem as a topped shot will quite happily appear to be sailing down the middle of the fairway.

Some may say when they see the two drawbacks, 'That's Rubbish!!'.......However before you dismiss optishot for its two flaws just think about it. A system that can tell you your swing speed and more importantly swing path and face angle for only 299!! Even without the graphics, courses and game play a system that can give you those important stats will improve your game. That's got to be worth the cost of a new driver!

So simply going into the driving range mode and understanding trying different swings to get these parameters back to 'square' will result in a straight add the fact it has 15 courses on the European +3 model, plus driving range makes optishot a great tool to improve your game. We have many clients say they can live with the strike issue purely to get a system on a budget as they know when they haven't struck the ball right.....I've got to say it's a good attitude to take and is becoming a regular opinion. Lighting is key to get accuracy as high as possible and is something that will need to be done properly. Many customers purchase optishot from other retailers without understanding the lighting required to get the system to register properly. I know of many returns saying its broken or not accurate.....this isn't the case just the fact lighting requi


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