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Fios Cable Box Set To 1080p [REPACK]


Fios Cable Box Set To 1080p [REPACK]

About a week or two ago, I noticed the TV picture was skewed. Saw the TV was displaying in 480p. I checked the FIOS STB... it was still set to 1080p. I changed the STB to 1080i, back to 1080p.. and voila, TV is now broadcasting in 1080p... until it isn't. Upon power up, the issue will return -- but not always.

Is the TV on its way out Is the STB on its way out Did Verizon change something Could it be as simple as the remote batteries getting weak, thus causing a slower power on/off for the two devices I have changed the HDMI cable.. so I suppose changing the remote batteries is next.

Changing the remote batteries didn't do squat. Neither did changing the HDMI cable or rebooting the STB. TV firmware is latest and greatest. Found some odd "link" setting on the TV for the HDMI, unsure if that was on/off before.. it was on, so turned it off... thinking maybe it was accidentally switched.

Using the hidden "D" menu, I surfed around the diagnostics and saw that the EDID modes for 1080p were correctly reported while the box was outputting HD channels in 480p... while the issue was present.

I have a Sony Bravia 4K UHD smart television that I've connected to my FIOS set top box using a high speed HDMI cable. When viewing HD channels I do not see an HD picture. When I have the TV show me the signal it is displaying, it tells me it is SD 480. I've done all the restarting, resetting, on/off procedures for both the tv and the set top box. The hdmi cable is brand new and I've tried all the HDMI connections. I am able to see an HD and UHD picture when viewing Netflix or Amazon video. Additionally, when testing on my old LG HD TV I do get an HD 1080 picture. I'm testing on a secondary bedroom set top box model "ARRIS IPC1100P2".

Do you have your cable box set to HD 1080i Settings-Audio&Video-Video Settings-Video Format change to 1080i then tv type change to 16.9 then go to Graphic Setting change to HD then go to Video Sharpness change to 5 Sharper.

The "best" (highest) output currently supported by the Verizon boxes is 1080i. There is no bradcast 1080p content on Verizon's or any other providers network. You can change the box for the bedroom to 1080i through the settings menu (assuming it is indeed 1080 capable).

Also keep in mind that all the Disney channels (ABC, ESPN, etc.) and FOX channels are being sent (from the source) at 720p. If you really want 1080p then you will need to connect the box to an external de-interlacer / scaler (see THIS THREAD at DSL Reports). Be prepared to pay $500 at a minimum for that device.

Or try the hidden menu on Motorola STB/DVR and select Native resolution. With the DVR/STB ad TV hit power off on the DVR/stb, followed by ok and menu(you may have to use the remote for the ok and Menu as newer boxes don't have them on the boxes). Should bring up a User settings where you can select Native and must also select the resolutions your set supports. Note 1080p24 and 1080P30 are supported by the box this way but only if the program comes over in that format. Some VOD MAY be sent out in 1080P, I know they were on Dish and DirecTV. Although some OTA stations tested with 1080P, but currently none is using them on a scheduled basis. Don't know if any of the cable channels are using it but they may be doing so for MPEG4 material since 1080p24 and 1080p30 actually take up less bandwidth and compress better with mpeg4 than 1080i

I just got the FiOs package last Saturday and very excited to see HD TV and FASTER internet, however, for some reason, my main TV with DVR is showing only 720p resolution. My other bedroom TV shows 1080p and the coax line from outside to inside house is all changed and newly installed by Verizon Rep. Is there something I missed on DVR setting DVR is hooked up to the tv using HDMI cable. My TV setting remains the same as prior to FiOS and receiving 1080p from HD antenna which is still hooked up using coax.

I changed the setting to 1080p and without


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