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Kawasaki Serial Number Location


Kawasaki Serial Number Location

The VIN code on the frame of the bike should be the same as the one in the registration card. If you see the difference, you should inform the police about it. If you notice any signs of the damaged code on the frame, use the flashlight to lit it and the brush to clean it from dust. One more thing that you can use the Kawasaki serial number decoder is finding the information about the bike when you're looking trough the sale ads. You ask for the VIN code photo, decode it and only then you decide whether to buy it or not. Even if you buy a new bike, don't hesitate to show you the VIN code to make sure you're buying the bike of this year and not of the last or earlier years.

Bad Boy Mowers uses the serial number on your machine as the main reference guide for Bad Boy Mower parts lookup. Once you find your serial number, it will be best to write this on your Bad Boy owner's manual or somewhere handy for the next time you need it.

Your mower's serial number (either XXX,XXX or XXX,XXX,XXX) can be found on the model and serial number plate mounted on your equipment. Serial number plate mounting location varies from mower to mower. If you cannot find your serial number plate, please consult your owners manual (typically on page 3) for location help.

If there is no serial number near the cranks, you should check other common places including the front headset or rear stays. The diagram (below) indicates five of the most common serial number locations.

If you are unable to locate or read your VIN but have an engine serial number, use the Contact Us options at the bottom of the page for assistance with vehicle identification. Include your question, the engine serial number and any information about the vehicle that may assist in identification. Note that if you have replaced the engine, this information does not apply.

Record your VIN and engine serial number in your Owner's Manual for easy reference. Use the VIN search tool to enter your VIN and find your vehicle's year, model, warranty status, safety bulletins, engine serial number and more. For more on the VIN Search Tool, read Off-Road Vehicle VIN Search Tool.

Yes, every jet ski has a hull identification number, which is used to uniquely identify the jet ski. Since jet skis are considered boats, the federal law requires hull numbers on every jet ski in accordance with legal requirements. The hull numbers, just like the engine serial numbers, are assigned by the manufacturer.

The hull number consists of 12 digits, mixed with letters and numbers. Simply explained, the first three letters identify the manufacturer, the second five numbers are the hull serial number, the next two digits refer to the date of manufacture, while the last two numbers are the model year.

Since jet skis are considered boats, by law, they have HIN (Hull Identification Number) as well as EIN (Engine Identification Number) numbers. These numbers are considered the serial numbers of the jet ski.

The engine and frame serial numbers are used to register the motorcycle. Theyare the only means of identifying your particular machine from others of the samemodel type. These serial numbers may be needed by your dealer when orderingparts. In the event of theft, the investigating authorities will require both numbersas well as the model type and any peculiar features of your machine that can helpthem identify it.

The recall includes Drill Master 18-volt cordless drills with item number 68239 and item number 68287. They were sold at Harbor Freight Tools stores nationwide, Harbor Freight Tools catalog, and online at between May 2011 and September 2015 for about $35 or $46, depending on the item. The drills are black with a red switch and they were sold with an 18 volt rechargeable battery pack. Item number 68239 was sold individually and item number 68287 was sold as part of a kit, which included a flashlight, which is not included in the recall. The item number


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