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Climate Change Pdf Ebook Download


Climate Change Pdf Ebook Download

Everyone across the country is talking about how the weather is changing. And the weather is changing because the climate is changing. Our weather is unfolding in the context of a warmer earth, caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Climate scientists have shown that extreme rainfall, more likely as the earth warms, is already becoming more common across the country. Please read, and share, our new eBook on global warming and extreme weather. The more informed we are, the more effective we can be in pushing for change!

In this free ebook, we explore how drone operators, GIS experts and scientists are using drones and mapping to reduce environmental impact, plan resilience to climate change, track the changing planet and finally mitigate the effects of the climate crisis.

Conversations about climate change are filled with challenges involving complex data, deeply held values, and political issues. Understanding Climate Change examines climate change as both a scientific and a public policy issue. Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris explain the basics of the climate system, climate models and prediction, and human and biophysical impacts, as well as strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The second edition has been fully updated throughout, including coverage of new advances in climate modelling and of the shifting landscape of renewable energy production and distribution. A brand new chapter discusses global governance, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, as well as mitigation efforts at the national and subnational levels. This new chapter makes the book even more relevant to climate change courses housed in social sciences departments such as political science and geography.

An effective and integrated introduction to an urgent and controversial issue, this book is well-suited to adoption in a variety of introductory climate change courses found in a number of science and social science departments. Its ultimate goal is to equip readers with the tools needed to become constructive participants in the human response to climate change.

The Adaptation Clearinghouse ( is a centralized database of information and resources to assist state, regional, and local decision makers and planners in planning and adapting to climate change. The Clearinghouse was established through Senate Bill 246 (Wieckowski, 2015) alongside the ICARP Technical Advisory Council to support integrated, science-based climate resilience decisions, planning, and implementation at all governance levels. Resources include example plans and projects, curated case studies, scientific studies, tools and data, guidance documents, and more. All resources can be explored and filtered by climate impact, geographic location, topics of interest, and other custom search features.

Planning and Investing for a Resilient California Executive Order B-30-15 directed State agencies to integrate climate change into all planning and investment, including accounting for current and future climate conditions in infrastructure investment. OPR convened a Technical Advisory Group to develop guidance to support implementation of the Executive Order.

This Handbook brings together prominent voices from India, including policymakers, politicians, business leaders, civil society activists and academics, to build a composite picture of contemporary Indian climate politics and policy. One section lays out the range of positions and substantive issues that shape Indian views on global climate negotiations. Another delves into national politics around climate change. A third looks at how climate change is beginning to be internalized in sectoral policy discussions over energy, urbanization, water, and forests. The volume is introduced by an essay that lays out the critical issues shaping climate politics in India, and its implications for global politics.



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