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Magic Soul WAV UPD

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Magic Soul WAV UPD

Sulyvahn has very long combos and leaves few openings, so be sure to better your stamina with the Cloranthy Ring, Ring of Favor, Grass Crest Shield or Green Blossoms to be on the safe side. When you enter, he will likely leap at you with his fire sword. Roll to the right or the left when his sword is about the reach the ground and attack him one or two times. Then, get as far as you can. He will likely do the same attack over and over. Be careful, because if you get too close, he will chain his attacks rapidly, and you won't be able to avoid them all. If you want to get close to him, roll through his attacks and strike immediately when he stops attacking. The preferable angle of attack is his back, but he turns quite rapidly.When his phantom clone appears, don't bother attacking him and make sure to roll through its attack and wait as far as you can, luring Pontiff into leaping towards you. Be careful, because he could also use a ranged magic attack, which is quite deadly, but is easy to avoid; just roll to your left or right.

Staying at extremely close range and lock-on circle strafing the Pontiff is very effective in the first phase of the fight but requires a little bit of stamina management unless using a greatshield (see below.) Many of the Pontiff's attacks will pass overhead or miss completely with this strategy and a stable shield with good fire and magic block, such as the Wargod Wooden Shield or even better, the Dragon Crest Shield, will reduce the damage taken significantly.

You could also keep your shield up and keep walking to the right. The boss will hit either zero, one or two attacks on you before he misses one or stops his combo. If he stops his combo, keep your shield down for stamina regeneration until the moment he attacks again. When the boss misses a single attack, you can make a single hit and immediately hold up your shield again without getting hit.If you need to heal only do so after his crushing fire sword or magic stinger, when he has the most recovery. You can also try to gain distance on him, but be aware that he can cover a massive distance to punish you, so be prepared to put a football field between the two of you.His second phase is a bit trickier. When he begins his "transformation", back up to avoid the explosion, and then move in for 1-2 hits. It is also a perfect opportunity to heal. He will almost always attempt to summon his clone immediately after this, so be prepared to deal with that. Get close and wait until the clone appears, and then attack it as much as you can. Be careful though, if you use too much stamina he may punish you severely. Again, the Greatshield can absorb a stunning amount of punishment, and should be used whenever in doubt. The only attacks that will severely damage you through the shield are his flaming plunge attacks and his magic attacks. Be wary of those, and prepared to dodge to avoid big damage. Ideally, you will be able to kill the doppelgänger and simplify this phase. If not, you still should not have too much trouble taking him down if you simply play safe.

The soul wavelength (魂の波長, Tamashī no hachō), also known simply as wavelength (波長, Hachō), is the "sound" (or "rhythm") of one's soul.[1] It is the part of the soul which is invisible to both the naked eye and that of soul perception visually, though it can be sensed. In representation in the series, it is often likes that of a cogs in a machine due to the importance of all meisters and weapons who are paired having compatible soul wavelengths[2].

Being the rhythm of the soul itself, the soul wavelength carries some of the characteristics of a character that helps a user of soul perception determines the type of characteristics of a individual. As such, a meister can determine a character's personality and race/species.[1] In addition, the wavelength of an individual is similar to that of their parents and as such, may inherit some of their personality and traits.[3]

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