Propositional Evaluation & Outcomes Assurance by Andrew Hawkins is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Propositional Design Logic (PDL) for contracting out training services

Getting all levels of an organisation on the same page

Our client was a specialised training provider in the social services sector. They were being contracted to provide training services to a large NGO that provides social care to a wide range of vulnerable people. The training provider wanted to set out their value proposition - and set themselves up for strategic and useful monitoring and evaluation to manage risks and inform continuous improvement. We spent a couple of ideas helping them to articulate the many aspects to the training and why it was a good idea. This included setting out assumptions that training service was relying on (for example, that staff had the opportunity to apply training in their daily work) that was outside the control of the trainer service, but crucial for their services to be useful to the service provider. This helped everyone get on the same page to understand what training could and could not do, and what else needed to be in place to unlock the great potential that training held for the organisation.

PDL Example: Welcome
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