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Clean Bandit - New Eyes (Special


Clean Bandit - New Eyes (Special

Clean Bandit - New Eyes (Special Edition): A Review

Clean Bandit is a British electronic music group that combines classical elements with dance beats and catchy hooks. Their debut album, New Eyes, was released in 2014 and featured the smash hit "Rather Be" with Jess Glynne, which won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The album also included singles such as "Mozart's House", "Extraordinary", "Come Over" and "Real Love".

In 2015, Clean Bandit released a special edition of New Eyes, which added six new tracks and a live performance with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. The special edition showcased the band's versatility and creativity, as they experimented with different genres and collaborators. The new tracks included "Stronger", a motivational anthem with vocals by Alex Newell and Sean Bass, "Show Me Love", a cover of the Robin S classic with Elisabeth Troy, and "Up Again", a drum and bass remix of their original song with Rae Morris.

The live performance with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra was a unique and impressive feat, as Clean Bandit reworked their songs with orchestral arrangements and guest singers. The result was a stunning fusion of classical and electronic music, highlighting the band's musical talent and vision. Some of the highlights were "New Eyes" with Lizzo, "Rihanna" with Rae Morris, and "Nightingale" with Nikki Cislyn and Eliza Shaddad.

New Eyes (Special Edition) is a must-have for fans of Clean Bandit and anyone who appreciates innovative and diverse music. The album showcases the band's ability to blend different styles and influences, creating a fresh and exciting sound that appeals to a wide audience. Whether you prefer the original or the special edition, New Eyes is an album that will make you want to dance, sing along, and listen again.

New Eyes (Special Edition) also features some of the band's earlier singles, such as "A+E", "Dust Clears" and "Telephone Banking". These songs demonstrate the band's evolution and growth, as they experimented with different sounds and influences. For example, "A+E" is a soulful track with vocals by Kandaka Moore and Nikki Cislyn, while "Dust Clears" is a synth-pop song with vocals by Noonie Bao. "Telephone Banking" is a quirky track with vocals by Love Ssega, which samples a phone call from a bank.

The album also includes some of the band's most popular songs, such as "Mozart's House", "Extraordinary" and "Come Over". These songs showcase the band's signature style of combining classical music with electronic beats and catchy hooks. For example, "Mozart's House" features a sample of Mozart's String Quartet No. 21, while "Extraordinary" features a cello solo by band member Grace Chatto. "Come Over" is a dancehall-inspired track with vocals by Stylo G.

New Eyes (Special Edition) is a testament to Clean Bandit's musical talent and vision. The album offers a diverse and enjoyable listening experience, as it blends different genres and elements, creating a unique and original sound. The album also showcases the band's collaboration with various artists, who add their own flair and personality to the songs. New Eyes (Special Edition) is an album that will make you appreciate Clean Bandit's music and artistry. 248dff8e21


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