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Elli Quark Yogurt Where To Buy

Elli Quark Yogurt Where To Buy

Elli Quark Yogurt Where To Buy

Looks like yogurt, right Wrong. Elli Quark is actually cheese! Yeah, I'd never heard of quark before so I was a bit confused. It looks and smells like yogurt but has a milder flavor - it's missing that tangy bit of sourness that yogurts have. Quark is a German style spoonable fresh cheese that has an even better protein-to-carb ratio than yogurt and is stupidly low in calories - only 80 cals per 6oz container.

Yet again I was hit by the strong fruit smell once the lid came off. It wasn't a Lysol-y smell either, which is a rut some citrus yogurts fall into. Nope, this was a fresh, tart lemon aroma. The sweetness balance of the quark was spot on... you got a bit of sour tang from the lemon but just enough sweetness to take the edge off without being too cloying. This one was great just by itself but I can see eating it alongside from fresh strawberries or with some ricotta pancakes - mmmm!

As I expected, this one was a nice, mild, and unassuming flavor. Because the fruit took more of a back seat I was able to get a better idea of the naked flavor of the quark itself, which was creamy and mild but without the tangy sourness of a regular yogurt. This is another good choice by itself or would be delicious in the summer paired with a big bowl of fresh peach slices since the mellow flavor of the quark reminds me a lot of a smoother version of cottage cheese.

Plain Elli Quark is not something I would eat by itself, but I am familiar with plain Greek yogurt and it's endless usefulness as a "skinny swap" for less healthy choices such as mayonnaise and sour cream. So I was curious about this undressed version of Elli Quark. In taste - and I know I've already touched on this earlier in the review - it's mild and creamy without any tangy sour zings that you'd expect from a plain or Greek yogurt. I'd expect that you could use it as a healthy swap for mayonnaise, etc just as you would with Greek yogurt. But since I was mostly trying Elli Quark as a breakfast food (where most of my yogurt eatin' takes place), I tried something else.

Tada - Cheerio parfait! All right, so it's nothing fancy, but I was reviewing Protein Cheerios at the same time and thought the sweetness of the cereal would be good for adding some extra interest to the plain quark. I'm no stranger to mixing yogurts with granola, Chex, Cheerios, or other cereals, so this was par for the course for me. There's seriously endless ways, both savory and sweet, that you could use plain Elli Quark. How would YOU use it!

Elli Quark Sea Salt Caramel is a smooth white quark with no detectable smell. The caramel taste was pleasant but subtle and I didn't get a lot of salty notes. This one has an agreeable flavor and I could see it pairing well with other things, but on its own I just wish it has more of an in-your-face salty caramel punch. Maybe actual ribbons of caramel throughout the quark could have achieved this, I dunno - maybe that's hard to do Have I ever seen caramel-swirled yogurt Not sure. So this one wasn't my favorite of the bunch, but I didn't dislike it either.

I've never tried the fat free Elli quark, but I have had the whole milk and "complete" varieties that were available at Aldi. Those are really good! I like that they aren't very sweet. I can't stand sweet stuff, so it was a nice alternative to the sickeningly sweet (real) yogurts that are commonly available. If people don't care for the fat free one, they should try the fuller fat varieties; much better taste.

Healthy yogurts are all over the place, and if you've tried a few, you know that it's hard to get that sweet, kids-yogurt taste while keeping things in a low-sugar range. If plain or savory yogurts are your thing, you're good to go; for the rest of us, there's Elli Quark.\nThe brand offers decadent flavors like Brownie Batter, Red Velvet, and Sea Salt Caramel with zero, yep, zero added sugars. Even more surprising The product isn't technically yogurt at all. Quark is act


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