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Live Show Toro Tagalog Movie Ana Capri 'LINK'

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Last Friday, Kuya Thonz and I went to UP Film Institute: cineAdarna to watch the movie Live Show. It is part of the Director's Cut Film Festival: mga eksenang dapat mong nakita...pero... It is a festival of critically-acclaimed and controversial films by the country's finest directors. A centennial project of UP College of Mass Communication.Direk Jose Javier Reyes was there along with lead actress Ana Capri. Also, Nicanor Tiongson was there, ex-MTRCB chief.Live Show is considered "most-controversial" in Philippine filmmaking history. This a story of poor Filipinos forced to perform sexual acts in front of paying customers.Film backgroundActually, the original title for the film is Toro. It was shown abroad and joined to different film festivals with the Toro as the title and it was replaced with Live Show when it was about to be shown here in our country. According to Armida Sigeon-Reyna, Toro must only be used to refer to male cow. In the film, the term toro refers to the act of live sexual performance. The film was directed by the award-winning director, Jose Javier Reyes. Ana Capri and Claudia Coronel are the main casts of the film. The film was produced under the Regal Film Productions.Director's CornerDirector Jose Javier Reyes said that it was one of the satisfying movies he ever created. According to him, he went to the highest heaven and to the deepest hell just for this film. The success of the film in the different film festivals around the globe was the heaven and the controversies was the hell. The film was one of the three Filipino entries in the 50th Berlinale Film Festival and from there different invitations was started. He is very proud as a Filipino because of this film. He was overwhelmed to the acceptance given by the audience. It was hell to him because it became a national issue. During the time of the film, it became a front page of every newspaper and an issue for more than a month. He received many demoralizing acts and judgements for the whole time. But according to him, it made him a stronger person for passing all those controversies.Moreover, the film was made and dedicated to the Filipino audience but it's them who cannot appreciate it.ControversiesAside from the nudity scenes, the real agenda here is a political issue. The scenes are not pornographic and only the sick people will be aroused from the show, that's according to Direk Reyes and Nic Tiongson.The MTRCB gave the movie a R-18 rating. It was the time of Erap controversies when it was to be shown in the public so they move the showing date. They left the movie unshown until the political issues become stable when GMA succeeded the position of presidency. Also, MTRCB needs also to be re-organized under the new government. Nicholas Tiongson, Dean of UP Mass Communication that time, was appointed to be the new chief. The board review for the film was maintained a R-18 so at last it was shown in the public.After a couple of days, Nicholas Tiongson was received a call from the Malacanang to recall the movie. He was also ordered by the late Cardinal Sin to do the same thing because according to the movie review board of the CBCP it is pornographic. It was a real pressure for the Malacanang and the church to take an action because they are bombarded with protests from different conservative groups to stop the showing of the film.Finally, the chief of MTRCB had a fast talk with PGMA. He was personally ordered to recall the movie. He fully defended the film as a R-18 film and there's nothing wrong with it. One more thing, the board has no power to recall film that has been released already. From that, the President empowers the duty of the MTRCB. Also, from his talk with Cardinal Sin, his eminence adviced him five times to resign of he cannot recall the film. It was really hard for Nicholas Tiongson since the movie has a moral significance.Behind this agenda, according to Nicholas he was chosen to become the MTRCB because of the advice of the


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