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Product Activation Serial Number For Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed ((NEW))

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Product Activation Serial Number For Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed ((NEW))

Allow me to explain. As you progress through the career mode of Need for Speed, youll unlock new cars for you and your teammates to race against. In order for this car to be unlocked, it must first be activated. Activation can only be done with a grey key, which is a hand-held electronic device that will unlock all of the cars in the game.

The Manufacturer Number, as returned by the device is the unique identifier of a particular device. Manufacturers will use a cryptographic protocol for this identifier to ensure only authorized devices can be registered on the network. Manufacturers assign a Unique serial number to each devices unique identifier and have various product management tools that connect to this number. Take for example Unique Product IDor a Product ID returned by a device when it boots.

In addition to product management tools, manufacturers use various software applications to manage and maintain their products. In the case of Activation, these tools will detect a new product and attempt to assign a unique identifier. If a device returns the correct identifier, or matches the one assigned by the manufacturer, the product will be activated.

While it is possible to register a device using the serial number, for the sake of practicality manufacturers assign each product a network address. Therefore, it is better to use the manufacturer assigned identifier.

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